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DOF Group Design of Frames


Established in 2016 as DOF – Design of Frames and later developed with the introduction of the DOF Group umbrella brand.

DOF Group

The expansion to DOF Group was made to ease the collaboration between our in-house team and external colleagues and resources. The group can deliver a vast array of services from development and design to cinematic production, cybersecurity, online and offline events planning and production.

DOF – Design of Frames

The Framing theory – „The action, method, or process, of constructing making or shaping anything whether material or immaterial”. The theory emphasizes on the idea that anything gains or loses value depending on how it’s presented to the audience.


For a better understanding, we have decided to split our work into 4 categories. To find out more about each one of them, click on the banner. If we didn’t cover what you were looking for, contact us and we will find ways to make it happen.

There are many ways we can present a client’s identity. We have mastered the ability to highlight in unique ways your ideas and deliver:
It is easy to create a product that excels at doing one task only, but it requires more than coding to offer a unique user experience, a software customized to your own needs that speaks to your clients.
Since our very beginning we have been invested in producing high-quality live events.
Coming from different areas of expertise, our team has nurtured the craft of improving any process, brand, business, marketing presence, or event.

Our Work

Here you can see our latest showcases, to view more go to our Past & Present gallery. Each year we design a special project that reflects our view on the upcoming styles or technologies. To explore more, go to Proof of Concept.



Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with them, be it for great projects or for the development of today’s DOF Group.

Get in touch

Social media is great if you want to be kept in the loop with our work or chat. For business inquiries, partnerships or official information, please use the contact details on the Contact page.