DOF Group was created on the foundation laid by Design of Frames. The constant flux of projects created the need for a far more centralized approach, especially with clients requesting a broader spectrum of services.

Believing in a material minimalistic design, DOF Group pursues to create tailored identities and unify unique digital solutions with user-focused experience, around the clock legal and technical support for every project. Brainstorming, feedback and a need for self-expression are at the core of our team, which leads to one-of-a-kind solutions.

DOF Digital Services Group 

DOF Digital Services Group 

DOF Digital Services Group 

DOF Digital Services Group 

DOF Digital Services Group 

DOF Digital Services Group 


The introduction of new services and products like Athena Architecture and Votestream paved the way for integrated services offered by us in collaboration with multiple parties. As stated by its full name, DOF Digital Services Group, the mission is to develop and integrate a large variety of digital services, following both B2B and B2C business models, that can be easily acquired from a single entity.

Being an umbrella brand, DOF Group aims to offer confidence and quality, irrespective of the services provided (internal or through collaborators).


In order to provide that broad spectrum of services, DOF Group established partnerships with key players in affiliated industries, the most notable being:

DOF Group X MIA Workstream


A law firm formed by a young and open-minded team, with extensive experience in local and international law firms. The firm’s areas of expertise offer a broad coverage of the key business sectors in Romania, having a significant focus on the emerging industry sectors.


A state-of-the-art developer fluent in many programming languages and focused on blockchain-based technology such as virtual data rooms and e-voting solutions.

„The action, method, or process, of constructing making or shaping anything whether material or immaterial”

The Framing Theory – emphasizes on the idea that anything gains or loses value depending on how it’s presented to the audience.

As many great e-companies, Design of Frames has begun its mission in 2016. Stemming from the skills of three friends who put their time and energy into creating e-solutions for educational events, DOF has come a long way since its start inside a garage. Despite its ordinary beginnings, DOF has never failed in creating bold and tailored solutions for its clients, outside the boundaries of what was happening in the Romanian market, framing new ways to be followed by the masses.

What started as creating online presence for educational events such as Model United Nations Assembly or Medical Students’ Conferences, developed rapidly into creating identities, ideas and innovative solutions for all our partners. Sooner-than-later, Design of Frames established itself as a digital services and branding company.