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101HP represents the pinnacle of our work, when it comes to aiding new projects. We took part in the creation of it, put all our business experience and resources, in order to create the first Romanian News Agency for International, National and Local e-Sports topics and Competitions. Lorem Ipsum Florin Dolores . Below you can find a list of our services for 101HP

101 HP – Romanian eSports News Agency


  • Ongoing Collaboration
  • Creative
  • Development
  • Framing


There are many ways we can present a client’s identity. We have mastered the ability to highlight in unique ways your ideas and deliver:


It is easy to create a product that excels at doing one task only, but it requires more than coding to offer a unique user experience, a software customized to your own needs that speaks to your clients.


Coming from different areas of expertise, our team has nurtured the craft of improving any process, brand, business, marketing presence, or event. Creating strong relationships with our clients we can rethink solutions for your problems.