IMSCB – International Students Congress of Bucharest

2020 – 2022

  • Deployed & Delivered IMSCB 2020 and IMSSB 2021
  • Ongoing Collaboration for IMSCB 2022
  • Creative
  • Development
  • Events
  • Framing

Pioneering the future of the medical world

Placing together all services from the DOF Group portfolio, IMSCB (IMSSB) brings forward every year the definition of digital events. Our collaboration started with one goal in mind – becoming the best medical conference available.


There are many ways we can present a client’s identity. We have mastered the ability to highlight in unique ways your ideas and deliver:


It is easy to create a product that excels at doing one task only, but it requires more than coding to offer a unique user experience, a software customized to your own needs that speaks to your clients.


Since our very beginning we have been invested in producing high-quality live events. Naturally, this is where we feel the most at home, being able to help in every step of the process of physical, hybrid or digital event, with extensive experience and knowledge to support each aspect of the following and more:


Coming from different areas of expertise, our team has nurtured the craft of improving any process, brand, business, marketing presence, or event. Creating strong relationships with our clients we can rethink solutions for your problems.