Welcome to the new age!
The moment when medicine and technology synergize together to create the IMSCB has finally arrived! Aren’t you thrilled to experience this unique combination? Do you miss the hands-on experiences? We do, too! Therefore, we have prepared for you a diverse range of astounding workshops and conferences for this year’s edition, bringing the reality closer to you!
During the 9th-13th of December, you will have the chance to partake in numerous workshops and conferences held by remarkable medical figures, bringing to light a diversity of topics suiting all of your interests. The 4th edition of the IMSCB is created based on a new concept, being established as an educational platform with a cultural twist that not only allows you to access all the events from the comfort of your home, but also forges medical bonds with enthusiasts from all over the globe.
The pandemic has been both a challenge and an inspiration for our Organising Committee, looking forward to creating an interactive online environment that will bring you a complex experience. Due to the major changes created by the virus, this year’s edition is dedicated to a remarkable Romanian figure and his impressive work: Prof. Matei Balș MD, who discovered the cure for typhoid fever, saving the lives of millions of soldiers who were fighting in the Second World War. Thus, he became our inspiration for this year’s edition because we strongly believe that encouraging education, research and development would solve the world’s actual medical issues.
We are truly apologetic that we will not have the opportunity to meet you in person this year, but we are not letting the distance interfere with the quality of your education! Thus, a large variety of unique opportunities such as pre-recorded 4K UHD technology video conferences and interactive workshops which aim to broaden your medical knowledge will be awaiting you. Moreover, we have prepared a series of so-called ‘Diagnosis workshops’, based on the ‘Bandersnatch’ experience which are aimed to offer you the opportunity to make real time choices, as the medical case unfolds.
The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived. Don’t forget to check out our website ➡️ https://imscbucharest.com/ and register right away!
Do not miss the opportunity to take part in one of the most exquisite digital congresses for medical students from all around the world.