The Scientific Organization of Medical Students (SOMS) is honoured to present its flagship event for 2016 and an absolute premiere for medical students in Bucharest: the Medical International Conference for Students (MEDICS) 2016.

MEDICS 2016 is a 4 day long Congress to be held between 14 – 17 April 2016 in various venues in Bucharest, Romania (to be announced soon). Medical/biomedical students and young doctors worldwide are welcome to attend, either as Presenting Authors with their own work (as an oral presentation or poster), or as Passive Participants. Information about the preliminary program, eligibility, deadlines, abstracts, travel & accommodation, and fees can be found on the official MEDICS 2016 website at

Besides student sessions MEDICS 2016 will include a series of hundreds of keynote lectures, conferences, and workshops held by international experts in various medical and biomedical fields. The Keynote Event of the Conference is a lecture held by Nobel Prize Winner Sir Richard Timothy Hunt (2001, for the discovery of key regulators of the cell cycle). Other highlights include: a 4D Fetal Echography Workshop; a Genetic Testing Workshop.