• We have some exciting news for you: MEDICS – Medical International Conference for Students – is here for its second edition!
    Last year we set high standards with our Nobel Keynote Lectures. But we won’t stop there. With prestigious speakers and a new refined concept, this year we are confident we will improve your experience.
  • The first Congress you can customize
  • It’s been a long-time project, and we hope you like it as much as we do. Our intention was to increase your chances of getting a place at the events that interest you – from captivating Workshops to inspiring Keynote Lectures and Conferences. To give you the freedom to personalize the event.
  • Every change has a specific purpose. The goal is to allow you, the participant, to engage in groundbreaking science – the way you like it. Just like becoming a doctor, this is an evolution. A process.
  • MEDICS – Medical International Conference for Students – is the main event organised by SOMS. SOMS is an association that promotes cutting-edge research among medical students. To learn more about us, check www.soms.ro.